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Life Preserver

on Aug 13, 2013 in Featured

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Life Preserver is an app for parents of children who feel that they are drowning at school.

I am a teacher and a parent of children who learn differently. I have spent several years applying my personal experiences to my career as a Special Education Teacher. I went into Special Education because of watching many parents of children who struggle feel helpless and in despair over their children’s frustration.

The school, the parents and community resources all need to work together as a highly effective team to find the optimal strategies customized to the child’s unique learning style. However, as parents we need to realize our very important role in our child’s education.

By educating ourselves on the options available to us to support our children, we are better able to communicate with the school and provide the necessary information in regards to our children’s functioning.

This app describes many practical steps to take to help you support your child and to ensure that instruction is appropriate to your child’s learning style.


● Many areas of need presented with follow up information specific to your child’s struggles

● This app will teach you how to advocate at school, remediate at home and technologies that will help all specific to your child’s area of need

• Learn how to advocate at school by receiving advice on who to communicate with and what accommodations to discuss with the school

• Various technological resources suggested for each area of need to help your child

• Resources include direct links to education apps and websites. Recommendations for helpful software can also be found in the technology section

This app requires an Internet connection to be used properly.

For questions or comments email us at [email protected]

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