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Happy holidays everyone

By on Dec 20, 2013

Happy holidays everyone


By on Dec 10, 2013

The new look of Zingplex

By on Dec 6, 2013

The very bland story of the nexus 5

By on Nov 23, 2013

Years ago all these creative smartphones with their slightly curved glass and their chins and creative patterns on the back would capture my imagination. Those days it was not all about specs it was about the user experience and making something compelling. Then Samsung came along and all that went down the toilet. Now theres a new sherif in town in smartphone land and its name is Nexus 5. And their is only one good thing about the new nexus and that is amazing specs. Now this is the time when we ask ourselves how mush do specs really matter. The answer is not that much. Now the Nexus has always been about the magic of stock android and the nexus no longer runs stock, it runs the google experience android which I argue is completely different. Its better than stock but it is no longer pure. Its a giant “screw you” to non-members of the open handset alliance. But overall the software is amazing despite the lack of openness. The screen on the nexus 5 is amazing, showing your photos in washed out 1080p glory. The camera is a lot better but really what is that saying, for every one part better their is about four parts room for improvement. The nexus is supposed to be a message to carriers, giving them a schematic to show them what their phones should be like, but never has a nexus device felt like a schematic until now. When you look at the HTC one or the Moto X they are just beautiful and the HTC one Google Edition is starting to look like a much better option then the nexus. So what we are left with is essentially a amazing shrine to Specs. Thats not what we want or need anymore. I’m sorry...


By on Oct 17, 2013