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What took them so long

By on Aug 27, 2012

Apple and Samsung’s legal battles progress for way too long. It is been bothering me so much because the court just doesn’t seem to get that they copied everything. Now I’m just a system is meant to make sure that there’s no corruption whatsoever but I think that common sense should overrule corruption. We know that Samsung’s products are just an exact replica without except for the fact that they run android, which actually just makes them worse I don’t know how they can get away with this. But at least it makes me feel better that they finally got the justice they deserve. Now my only hope is that is enough money to get Samsung to stop making these products. We are living in increasingly corrupt world and this should change. Now join me protest never get another Samsung smartphone again. Now neck so just like Apple to get another move on on Google. Good luck apple...

Canadian English? Ehhhh. A 100 word post

By on Aug 15, 2012

I must say I just love what the world has come to. How there is a difference between two exactly the same languages. I must say it just goes to show the way things are moving. Anyway I just had to try this out for my self to see what “Siri dictation” was really like and i was just amazed, the only word it didn’t understand aside from zingplex was ehhh and that was suggested if you right click. Its just magic. And that was the way I rediscoverd the magic of the mac I thank you for reading this!

New posts coming soon

By on Aug 13, 2012

Sorry I haven’t had time to post anything because I’ve been terribly busy you can come back next week or even tomorrow when you’re likely to see a new post so just wait and until then.

First post

By on Jun 27, 2012

New beginning for this website I decided to completely redo the experience on the website and I also deleted the post was actually unintentional but let’s just leave that for now. Keep your eyes out for explanation marketing all here on